About Us


Recognizing that 21st century conflict is not confined to traditional interstate wars, and that such conflict often involves arguments about justice, GSSJ takes a multidisciplinary approach to topics including ethnic and religious conflict, genocide, terrorism, human trafficking, forced migration, detention, torture, drone warfare, cyberwarfare and surveillance. In addition to preparing students academically, the program guides students as they plan for careers related to security and justice. 


Admission to GSSJ is selective, with students typically applying in the second semester of their sophomore year.  Applications from transfer students in the Class of 2020 are due June 1st and instructions are available here.


The GSSJ curriculum includes the Global Studies core and language requirements plus:

·      The Security and Justice Track Foundation Course (GSSJ 3010 / PLIR 3500).

·      Five Security and Justice Electives

·      The Security and Justice Capstone Seminar (GSSJ 4991)  

Please see here for the capstone thesis projects of the inaugural GSSJ Class of 2016.


Email the GSSJ Director, Dr. Pete Furia at furia@virginia.edu.