I. How to Apply

Undergraduate students from across the University may apply for entrance to the Global Studies – Middle East & South Asia major in January of their second year. We will begin accepting applications from the Class of 2021 in January 2019. Applications Due Date TBD, but is genearlly early in March. Applicants may apply to no more than two of the tracks offered in Global Studies. The admissions committee will complete their review and send notifications to applicants by late March, 2019. All accepted students must declare the GSMS major by the notification date (this will be included in the offer letter) in order to reserve a place in the major.

Newly admitted transfer students who will begin their third year in the fall semester can apply for entrance to the major in May, as soon as they have been notified of their admission to the University.

Applicants should complete all required fields in the online application form below.


II. Application Components

You will need the following documents in order to complete your application. Once you have them prepared, click the Apply Now link below.

1. PERSONAL STATEMENT: No more than 500 words, typed and double-spaced. Please answer the following questions: Why are you interested in entering the Middle East and South Asia Studies track of the Global Studies major? What is your proposed area of study within the major, and how would you support that area of study with courses, research, etc.? 

2. TRANSCRIPT: An unofficial one that you print from SIS is sufficient.

3. RESUME: Include important extracurricular activities, work experience, academic honors, and other relevant experiences.

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III. Policy on Double Majors

Students may double major in Global Studies and other majors across the University, including students studying in the Schools of Architecture, Commerce, Education, Engineering and Public Policy. Students are not permitted to double-major in Global Studies and any other College major that requires an application. (These include Modern Studies, Poetry Writing, Environmental Thought and Practice, Human Biology, Echols Interdisciplinary Major Program,  Neuroscience, Philosophy Honors, Political and Social Thought, Politics Honors, Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law.)  You may apply to multiple College majors, but if you are accepted into Global Studies and another application-based College major, you must choose one or the other. You can, however, major in Global Studies and participate in the distinguished majors program of another department.