Students in the Global Environments + Sustainability program learn to be effective leaders and collaborators in a range of institutional settings, international and domestic governmental agencies, the nonprofit sector, and private business. These skills can be applied across several different sectors.

Potential career options include:

  • Government agencies

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Natural resource management

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Media and marketing

  • Event planning

  • Environmental education

  • Food and agriculture

  • Consulting

In the past, students had positions at the following organizations:

  • Arpana Services, India

  • Malama Maunalua

  • The Carter Center

  • UVA J-Term Internship Program

  • Morven Summer Institute

  • UVA Office for Sustainability

  • Caribe Exotic

  • The Honey Bearers

  • Vox Global

  • Zodiac Aerospace

  • Better World Betty

  • ChemTreat

  • Ecosystems Services LLC

  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

  • Save the Sea Turtles International

  • New Forest Earth

  • Rocky Mountain National Park



Sustainability Job Boards

Where can you find employment opportunities in sustainability-related organizations? Openings are often posted on job boards based on sector.

General Job Boards

Environmental Education

Conservation, Wildlife, and Natural Resource Management

Sustainable Agriculture