Students in the Global Environments + Sustainability program learn to be effective leaders and collaborators in a range of institutional settings, international and domestic governmental agencies, the nonprofit sector, and private businesses. These skills can be applied across several different sectors.

Potential career options include:

  • Government agencies

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Natural resource management

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Media and marketing

  • Event planning

  • Environmental education

  • Food and agriculture

  • Consulting

In the past, students had positions at the following organizations:

  • Arpana Services, India, Eco-Tourism Program Development (Katy Miller)

  • Malama Maunalua, Research Intern (Megan McDaniels)

  • The Carter Center, Intern (Elizabeth Duffield)

  • Ecosystems Services LLC, Environmental Science Intern

  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Marine Conservation Team Intern

  • Save the Sea Turtles International, Research Intern

  • New Forest Earth, Environmental Education Intern

  • Rocky Mountain National Park, Intern

  • UVA J-Term Internship Program  (Katy Miller)

  • Morven Summer Institute, Assistant Program Coordinator (Katherine Wilken, Gabby Levet)

  • UVA Office for Sustainability, Outreach Intern

  • Caribe Exotic, Field Marketing Intern

  • The Honey Bearers, Research Intern

  • Vox Global, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Intern

  • Zodiac Aerospace, Intern

  • Better World Betty, Intern

  • ChemTreat, Environmental, Health and Safety Intern

Positions held by GSVS alumni:

  • Peace Corps - Panama, Agricultural Extensionist (Kelly McNally)

  • Peace Corps - Paraguay, Community Health Volunteer (Camille Knable)


    Venture for America Fellowship, Stratasan Marketing Manager, Nashville (Elizabeth Duffield)



    UVA Sustainable Transport Demand Management, Outreach Coordinator (Megan McDaniels)



    Tasmanian Eco Film Festival, Assistant Director, Hobart, Tasmania (Brianna Mackay)

    Scenic Virginia, Program and Outreach Coordinator, Richmond, VA (Annie Weidhaas)

    Hanover Research, Development Associate, Washington, DC (Katie Groody)

    Ferguson & Shamamian Architects, LLC (Camille Adkins)

    AXA, Future Business Leaders Graduate Program, London, UK (Jamie Stafford)

    Virginia Energy Efficiency Council, Richmond, VA (Kelsey Galantich)

    Phase 3 Marketing & Communications, Public Relations Coordinator (Caroline Macdonald)

    WWOOF International, Organic Farming Internship, New Zealand (Natasha Butler)

    R2L Architects, Washington, DC (Artem Demchenko)

    Chaia, Assistant Manager, Washington, DC (Ezti Fricano)

    District to District (D2D), Finance & Operations Associate, Nashville, TN (Vanessa Owens)

    Atlantis Project, Admissions Coordinator, Washington, DC (Mary Shifflet)



Sustainability Job Boards

Where can you find employment opportunities in sustainability-related organizations? Openings are often posted on job boards based on sector.

General Job Boards

Environmental Education

Conservation, Wildlife, and Natural Resource Management

Sustainable Agriculture