Willis Jenkins

SUSTAINABILITY FACULTY FELLOW 2018-2021 Professor of Religion, Ethics, and Environment / Director of Graduate Programs in Religious Studies

S-065 Gibson Hall

I teach interdisciplinary ethics courses broadly located in the Environmental Humanities, most of which fulfill requirements for the Sustainability minor and the Environmental Thought & Practice major. Those include "Climate Ethics;" "Theology and Ecology;" and "Religion, Ethics, and Environment." At the graduate level, I conduct a seminar on food ethics through the Institute for the Humanities and Global Cultures (IHGC), as well as various seminars within Religious Studies on topics and methods in social ethics.

I am broadly interested in interpreting the moral problems arising from changing human-environment systems, and especially in how religious traditions interpret and respond to those problems. That general interest includes inquiry into relations of science and ethics; connections between social injustice and ecological sustainability; and tensions among moral pluralism and practical reasoning. I am currently working on three book projects: (1) a monograph tentatively titled "The Moral Ecology of Food," which will take up controversies over food practices as questions about the meaning and sustainability of human ecological relations; (2) a textbook-level introduction to problems in religion, ethics, and environment; and (3) a co-edited handbook to the field of religion & ecology.

Research Interests

Environmental Ethics; Method in Religious Ethics; Religion and Ecology; Christian Social Ethics; Theology and Environmental Sciences; Theology and Economy; Food Ethics; Climate Ethics


  • The Future of Ethics: Sustainability, Social Justice, and Religious Creativity (Georgetown, 2013)
  • Ecologies of Grace: Environmental Ethics and Christian Theology (Oxford, 2008) (More publications, including article PDFs, at: