“Alumni, come back and share your work experiences with us.  During the fall of 2019, we had several of you to come back. Not pictured in the flyers is Clarisse Awamengwi, who recently graduated from Science Po in Paris and told us of her experiences there. Edel Tessema also returned for the Global Career Fair to speak of her work with Chemonics and was also very helpful to our current students.  If you know of interesting people not from GDS but who speak to issues we care about – such as Ryan Shelby, Tenzin Namdol or Taylor Nelms – please let us know.

We have news from recent graduate Michelle Miles. Can we share this story, now that we have Michelle’s permission, and her head shot? “Michelle Miles recently had a film accepted to the Sundance Film Festival. The link is here:  Michelle says to go back to the beginning of the film as soon as you reach the end.”

I also have a photo from: “Lauren Bredar, who is at the University of Sussex in the UK, sent this photo of faculty, staff and student striking against the University Colleges to oppose decreasing wages and pensions, and gender and racial inequalities in hiring and promotion.  Despite (or because of?) the strike, Lauren is enjoying the Master’s Program there, working on gender, masculinity, and nationalism. In other graduate programs, Trevor Sheally is in a dual Masters Program at Columbia and Paris School of International Affairs, and Catherine Schneider is at the LSE, also for humanitarian emergencies, Mark Gerhart is at Brown for Public Affairs, Marianna Forero is at University of Buenos Aires for Communications Design, Kylie Grow is at Georgetown for International Development, Christina Fondren at UT Austin for Social Work. There are many more we could mention, but we should ask permission. ”

“GDS and law school: Meg Gould is at Columbia, Alexis Alvarez at Harvard, and Lucy Trieshmann at NYU. Rachel Stuckey is at Vanderbilt and Mark Duda close to home at UVA.  Where are the rest of you GDS-to-law school students?  If you are a GDS student interested in learning more about law school, they all seem happy to share their experiences.”

“GDS and medical school: Nanki Kaur (who has been an intern at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless) has been accepted to several medical schools and is making a decision soon.”  Sarah Dugan is currently in medical school at Michigan and Ricky Anjorin in medical school at Duke.  Sasheenie Moodley is in a joint medical and development Ph.D. program at Oxford University.

“GDS and fellowships: Jillian Randolph is with Princeton in Africa in Tanzania, Lily Roth just finished a Fulbright in Spain, and John Barton is on a Fulbright in Argentina. Maggie Gratz just finished a Fulbright in Sri Lanka.  There are many more of you.” 

“GDS and internships: Isabella Dillon at Key-log Economics in Vietnam, Yahya Abou-Ghazala at CNN, Helina Meressa is at AmeriCorps working on refugee issues. Who else wants to share the news?”

We have a first destinations list, updated as best we can, that lists where GDS grads have gone. There are many who found jobs in consulting, government, non-profits, a few grassroots organizations too.  Let us know if you are a GDS student or graduate who would like to see the list.


Two Recent Alums are Beginning Graduate Students this Fall 

 Kailyn Quinn (GDS 15) is studying for her master's degree in international relations at the Diplomatic School of Spain, Madrid.

 Clarisse Awamengwi (GDS 14) is pursuing a master's degree in international political economy at the Paris Institute of Political Studies. Clarisse was awarded a School of International Affairs Excellence Scholarship.

Congratulations to both students!  

GDS is partnering with PROLINNOVA in order to initiate an internship program whereby farmer organizations, supportive professionals or country platform partner organizations of Prolinnova can invite students to learn and work with them either through or outside the IPW visits. Our intention is that the internship will be defined over the previous year through student visits, Internet communications and possibly Prolinnova visits to UVA/GDS. For more details, click here.

GDS 4951
The University Museums Internship is a two-semester sequence of two three-credit courses. Students will do internships (lasting for an academic year) at either the Fralin Museum of Art or the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection. As interns, students will work approximately 100 hours each semester (7-8 hours per week) in the museum, under the close supervision of museum professionals, and will participate in three training sessions and three academic seminars per semester.  The class will also curate their own exhibition.  Cross-listed with Art History and GDS.  Enrollment by application (due May 1):  email to Jordan Love ( a resume, transcript, and a one-page essay/cover letter explaining why you want to take the class and what museum experience you have (if any).  

GDS Alum Recognized for Efforts to Address Global Climate Change

Class of 2015 Global Development Studies Alum, Dyanna Jaye, is featured in UVAToday for her efforts to address global climate change. As the co-leader of the SustainUS delegation, she is currently attending her second United Nations climate change talks. She is bringing the issue of global climate change to a state level as she focuses on Virginia's need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To read the article, click here


GDS students attend Clinton Global Initiative University

Sarah Higgins, Jennifer Moss, Rachel Prestipino, & Xavier Roberts

This past spring, our research team was invited to the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U), based on the acceptance of our Commitment to Action. The Initiative asked us to identify a problem and how we might help to solve it. We submitted a proposal that outlined our plan to observe Charlottesville elementary school cafeterias, specifically looking at which foods students would or would not eat. We then wanted to create a strategy for helping students to prefer healthy foods.

Our group was invited to the CGI U and Jennifer Moss and Xavier Roberts were the two students available to travel to Miami for the conference. Once there, we attended breakout sessions focused on public health, education, nutrition, and wellness, as well as plenary sessions featuring distinguished speakers from a variety of fields. There were opportunities for networking amongst students and featured projects were given space to set up tables to display information about their work.

On Sunday, a Day of Action concluded the conference. We students were bused to the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami. Wearing CGI U t-shirts, we were divided into small groups for the community service portion of the day. We listened to keynote speakers and took paintbrushes and paint into the neighborhood. We learned about the community on the bus ride there. We painted clotheslines, murals, front doors, sidewalks, basketball blacktops, picnic tables, bookshelves, and benches. Our work lasted a few hours before community members and volunteers stopped for lunch. The community members had a cookout in the middle of the field, and the volunteers gathered on the other side of the school for boxed lunches. We had to leave the project unfinished, as we ran out of time and had to head back to the conference.

Although Saturday's speaker sessions and plenaries spoke to important development practices, Sunday's Day of Action seemed to operate on a model of development that might not have passed CGI U's own standards of effectiveness. The impulse to serve in the context of a busy conference was admirable, but we were aware that leaving a project unfinished in a community that did not have the resources to complete it was far from ideal. It would be fantastic if CGI U could invite proposals specifically for community-based projects, designed from a community perspective of workability, within the scheduling constraints of the conference. We would love to be a part of this kind of challenge next year!

Study Abroad Grants


Students in Arts and Sciences: $5000 (Academic year), $3000 (Semester), $1000 (Summer)

Students in all other schools: $2500 (Academic year), $1500 (Semester), $500 (Summer)


Students with demonstrated financial need who wish to study abroad will be considered for this grant in addition to need-based aid already available. Information is available at:


Depending on a student's situation, this grant may provide additional aid for study abroad program costs or substitute for need-based loans. The grant may be used for study on UVA Programs, Exchanges, or other approved study abroad programs, with the exception of Semester at Sea, for which other financial aid is available. Apply to study abroad at and your application will be evaluated for eligibility.