Study Abroad + Internships

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GSVS Student Study Abroad Participation + International Research:

New Delhi, India: UVA India Program and Independent Research (Katherine Phillips, Spring 2016)

Byron Bay, Australia: SIT Sustainability & Environmental Action Program (Gabby Levet, Fall 2016)

Florence, Italy: ISI Sustainable Food & Environment Systems Program (Brianna Mackay)

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Chiang Mai University (Katy Miller, Fall 2015)

Auckland, New Zealand: University of Auckland (Sophia Woods)

India, Tanzania, Italy, US: SIT Rethinking Food Security: Agriculture, People, & Politics (Elise Watt, Fall 2016)

Dublin, Ireland: University College Dublin (Katie Groody)

Dublin, Ireland: University Internship Program To-Go Program (Sarah Overton, Pooja Seth)

SEA Semester Field Program in Marine and Environmental Studies (Adam Bernstein, Fall 2016)

Strasbourg, France: Independent Research (Kelsey Galantich)

Melbourne, Australia: University of Melbourne (Gordon Knapp, Spring 2017)

Lund, Sweden: UVA in Sweden - Global Sustainability Consulting

Copenhagen, Denmark: UVA Sustainable Practices in Denmark (Rachel Vadhan, Summer 2015; Brittany Kwolek and Katherine Phillips, Summer 2016)

Riva San Vitale, Switzerland: UVA Sustainable Europe (Kate Green; Camille Knable, Summer 2014)

Copenhagen, Denmark: Danish Institute for Study Abroad - Sustainability in Europe

Valencia, Spain: UVA in Valencia (Kate Moody, Michael Bateman)

Madrid, Spain

Ghana: SAHA Global Program (Tyler Berkeley)

Madagascar: SIT Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management

Nicaragua: Global Medical and Dental Brigades

Lyon, France: UVA Semester Exchange Program

Tanzania: SIT (Megan Dister)

Giraudel, Dominica: UVA in Dominica (Kate Green)

Ifrane, Morrocco: UVA in Morocco (Caroline Alberti)

Freiburg, Germany: IES Freiburg Environments and Sustainability (Holland Cathey)

Toulouse, France: CIEE Business + Culture (Caroline Alberti)

Research Grants + Fellowships Received:

Fulbright Fellowship (Megan Mason Dister)

Dalai Lama Fellowship (Artem Demchenko)

Harrison Undergraduate Research Award (Elizabeth Duffield)

Global Internship Fellowship (Allison Brooks Owens)

The Minerva Award (Adam Bernstein)

From the Grounds Up Grant (Megan McDaniels)

Small Research and Travel Grant (Tessa Crews, Amalia Harte)

Green Initiatives Funding Tomorrow (Elise Watt)