Read all about it—Spring 2017 GDS Newsletter 

We are excited to announce our latest Global Development Studies news and updates. The Spring 2017 edition features a message from track director David Edmunds, an inside look at the Global Youth Initiative, exclusive details about new GDS courses, internships abroad, Prolinnova Network opportunities, Alumni updates and more! We hope this newsletter will provide a means for both current and graduated students to share news of your exciting work, strengthen program connections, encourage engagement with supportive parties, and disseminate relevant information. To these ends, we warmly welcome your submissions for future editions! We seek, specifically: 

  • Narratives (<450 words) and/or images of GDS-related research or projects

  • Reflections on GDS as a course of study

  • Notes on scholarships and/or awards received

  • Updates about employment, further study, or research

  • Creative works (images, narratives, announcements)

Please send your submissions to both David Edmunds and Melissa Slogan.

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