30 Credits Total
A total of ten courses (5 Global Studies courses, 5 MESALC courses)

A. Global Studies Courses (Contributing 15 Credits)

1. GSMS 3010: The Global in Situ: Perspectives from the Middle East and South Asia (3 Credits)

2. GSMS 4991: Capstone Seminar. To be taken in the second semester of the student’s fourth year (3 Credits)

3. Elective Courses: Three courses (9 Credits) from the Global Studies course list, including GSGS, GDS, GSVS, GSSJ, GPH (PHS), and some other globally-focused classes around Grounds.


B. MESALC Courses (Contributing 15 Credits)

1. Completion of a 3020 or equivalent Middle Eastern (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian) or South Asian (Hindi, Urdu) language. (3 Credits).
GSMS recognizes that many additional languages are useful in studying and understanding the Middle East and South Asia (French, Italian, etc). Please come talk to the Track Director about your unique language pathway.

2. Four non-language courses (12 Credits) that focus on the Middle East and/or South Asia (courses in MESALC, Religious Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, and Media Studies among others).
Two of these courses (6 Credits) must be 3000 level or above.


Additional Requirements

1. A maximum of 12 study abroad and domestic transfer credits are allowed, with the permission of the major advisor.

2. USEM credits do not count toward major requirements.

3. Students who declare a major in any of the Global Studies tracks may not declare a major in another Global Studies track.

4. Students may declare a major in both Global MESALC and any other MESALC degree (Middle East Studies, Middle Eastern Language & Literature, South Asian Studies, or South Asian Language & Literature).