Typically, students majoring in Global Studies-Security and Justice will complete the following.

  • One track foundation course: GSSJ 3010 Global Issues of Security and Justice (open only to GSSJ majors -- typically completed during the fall of junior year)

  • One capstone seminar:  GSSJ 4991 Capstone Seminar in Security and Justice (open only to GSSJ majors -- typically completed during the spring of senior year)

  • Five or six electives:  These may include any from the list linked here, as well as student-proposed electives, including internships and independent study courses. (Students taking four core courses must complete five electives; students completing three core courses must complete six.)   

  • Three or four “core” courses in Global Studies.  Titles and course numbers vary from semester to semester.  Spring 2018 courses that fulfill each of the Global Studies core requirements include those listed below.

Global Humanities

   GSGS 3030 Global Cultural Studies LEVENSON MW 1:00-1:50

Global History

   HIUS 3456 History of US Foreign Relations Since 1914 LEFFLER TR 100-1:50

Global Societies & Cultures

   GSGS 3559 Global Perspectives on Corruption TIDEY MWF 3:00-3:50

   REL3605 Religion, Violence, Strategy WHITE M 3:30-6:00

   EDLF 4620 International Human Rights Activism and Education WAHL W 3:30-6:00    (CANCELED BY EDLF) 

Global Diagnostics

   GSGS 3111 Epistemology, Methodology and Methods EDMUNDS TR 11:00-12:15

   PLAD 2222 Research Methods SANDERS MW 3:00-4:15

   SOC 3130 Introduction to Social Statistics PEEKS MEASE TR 8:30-9:20


  • Language competency: One (1) course beyond the 2020 level of any language taught at UVA (or in an approved study-abroad program).-OR-If a student has reached the 2020 level in one language but does not want to go further with that language, the student can satisfy the requirement by completing at least one additional semester of a second language at UVA or by otherwise demonstrating proficiency and/or immersion in that second language.

There are currently no prerequisites for applicants to the major.  Students considering GSSJ are nonetheless encouraged to enroll in one or more GSSJ Electives or Global Studies core courses.

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