About Us


GSSJ majors study security and conflict issues (e.g., war, genocide, terrorism and cybersecurity), “orders and borders” issues (e.g., international law, international organizations, migration and human trafficking) and other international human rights issues (e.g., detention, surveillance and policing).

We prioritize one-on-one academic and non-academic advising in order to prepare students passionate about security and justice issues to work on those issues beyond UVa.  


Admission to GSSJ is selective, with students typically applying in the second semester of their sophomore year.  Applications for students in the Class of 2022 are due February 25th and instructions are available here.


The GSSJ curriculum includes Global Studies core and language requirements plus:

·      The Security and Justice Track Foundation Course (GSSJ 3010 / PLIR 3500).

·      Five Security and Justice Electives

·      The Security and Justice Capstone Seminar (GSSJ 4991)  

Please see here for the capstone thesis projects of recent GSSJ alumni.


Email the GSSJ Director, Prof. Pete Furia at furia@virginia.edu.