Mark White

SUSTAINABILITY FACULTY FELLOW 2019-2021 / Associate Professor of Commerce / Director, McIntire Business Institute

378 Rouss Hall

Areas of Expertise

Financial modeling, Sustainability

Professional Activities

Professor White’s academic expertise lies in the areas of corporate finance and sustainable business practices. He teaches financial management in the School’s ICE program and the McIntire Business Institute, and has developed and taught numerous courses at the McIntire School of Commerce and the Darden School of Business addressing business’s relationship with the natural environment. Professor White is actively involved in several collaborative research projects related to sustainable business, including efforts to model the environmental and financial implications of manufacturing biodiesel from microalgae, and the UVA Bay Game, an interactive simulation of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Professor White believes an international experience is a “must” for a well-rounded education. He has led study-abroad trips to more than 30 countries over the past 10 years. A former Fulbright scholar, he speaks fluent German and currently holds a visiting professorship in environmental economics at the Technische Universität Dresden. Professor White has sailed twice with UVA's Semester at Sea program, serves on the Faculty Senate, and is a member of multiple sustainability-oriented committees and task forces.

Selected Publications

"Investing in a Sustainable Future," Die Unternehmung: Swiss Journal of Business Research and Practice, 2013 (with E. Günther).

“Sustainability: I Know It When I See It,” Ecological Economics, 2013.

"Sensitivity of Russian Forest Timber and Carbon Projects to Temperature Increase," Forestry, 2013 (with D. Lutz and H. Shugart).

"Environmental and Economic Assessment of Integrated Systems for Dairy Manure Treatment Coupled with Algae Bioenergy Production," Bioresource Technology, 2013 (with Y. Zhang and L. M. Colosi).

“Comparison of Algae Cultivation Methods for Bioenergy Using a Combined Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing Approach,” Bioresource Technology, 2012 (with E. P. Resurreccion, L. M. Colosi, and A. F. Clarens).

“Transformative Sustainability Education in a Shipboard Living-Learning Community,” World Trends in Education for Sustainable Development, W. Leal Filho (ed.), Peter Lang GmbH, 2011 (with D. Abel and A. Predmore).

“A Practical Approach to the Complex Problem of Environmental Sustainability: The UVa Bay Game,” The Innovation Journal, 2011 (with G. P. Learmonth, D. E. Smith, W. Sherman, and J. Plank).


Ph.D., Finance, Michigan State University
M.B.A., Finance, Michigan State University
M.S., Ecology, Michigan State University
B.A., Biology, Kalamazoo College

Global Commerce in Culture and Society

Global Development Studies, Global Commerce in Culture and Society

Environments & Sustainability

Global Public Health

Security & Justice, Global Commerce in Culture and Society

Global Development Studies

Environments & Sustainability, Global Commerce in Culture and Society

Global Development Studies, Middle East and South Asia, Global Commerce in Culture and Society

Global Development Studies, Security & Justice

Security & Justice

Middle East and South Asia

Global Development Studies, Security & Justice, Global Commerce in Culture and Society