Study & Intern Abroad

I. Opportunities

There are 26 UVA pre-approved programs in the Middle East (including a direct exchange with the American University in Cairo) and 13 UVA pre-approval programs in South Asia (including the UVA In India direct credit program). Visit the Education Abroad Website to find out more about programs that are available to you, how to apply and how to prepare.

II. Study Abroad Grants


Students in Arts and Sciences: $5000 (Academic year), $3000 (Semester), $1000 (Summer)

Students in all other schools: $2500 (Academic year), $1500 (Semester), $500 (Summer)

Students with demonstrated financial need who wish to study abroad will be considered for this grant in addition to need-based aid already available. Information is available at: and


Depending on a student's situation, this grant may provide additional aid for study abroad program costs or substitute for need-based loans. The grant may be used for study on UVA Programs, Exchanges, or other approved study abroad programs, with the exception of Semester at Sea, for which other financial aid is available. Apply to study abroad at and your application will be evaluated for eligibility.